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Stadium: Bootham Crescent
York City Competitive match results1
@Bristol Rovers:10663023
@York City:65102328
Neutral venues:00000
1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
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Bristol Rovers and York City have faced each other on 43 occasions, with both teams having won 16 times. Up until the beginning of the 2012–13 season there was a remarkable symmetry in the results between the clubs with both sides winning nine, drawing five and losing six times at their respective home grounds.

The first meeting between the clubs was on 10 September 1965, when they faced each other in Division Three at Bootham Crescent in a game the saw Rovers finish as 5–1 victors. All but two of the games have been Football League encounters, with the exceptions being a two-legged League Cup tie in 1980.


  • Last meeting: 24 August 2013 – Bristol Rovers 3–2 York City
  • Biggest win: 10 September 1965 – York City 1–5 Bristol Rovers
  • Heaviest defeat: 12 March 1986 – York City 4–0 Bristol Rovers
  • Highest aggregate score: 16 October 1971 – Bristol Rovers 5–4 York City

Players at both clubsEdit

Chris Carruthers

Chris Carruthers playing for York in 2009

Some of the players who have been on the books of both Bristol Rovers and York City are listed below.

  • Peter Aitken had a brief spell at York in 1982, two years after leaving Rovers.
  • Steve Bowey left Rovers in in 1997 without having made a league appearance and later spent the 2006–07 season with York City.
  • Chris Carruthers made exactly 100 league appearances for Rovers between 2005 and 2008 and 52 for York between 2009 and 2011.
  • Nick Culkin was a youth team player at York before signing for Manchester United in 1995, who later loaned him to Rovers.
  • Maurice Dando joined York in 1933, having previously played for Rovers.
  • Johnny Eyres joined York from Rovers in 1934.
  • Kevin Gall left Rovers in 2003 and joined York 6 years later.
  • Ted Hathway spent the 1931–32 season with Rovers, but failed to make any Football League appearances. He later went on to play over 200 league games for York.
  • Shane Higgs was loaned to York by Rovers in 1995.
  • Scott Jones joined York from Rovers in 2002.
  • Bill Routledge joined York from Rovers in 1934.
  • Jack Rutherford played for Rovers in the early 1920s and later turned out for York
  • Ben Swallow joined York from Rovers in 2012.

In addition, former Rovers coach and caretaker-manager Darren Patterson played for York, and both clubs were managed by John Ward.

Past meetingsEdit

All competitive matches between Rovers and York City are listed below.

10 September 1965Division ThreeYork City1–5Bristol Rovers
26 February 1966Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0York City
14 August 1971Division ThreeYork City0–0Bristol Rovers
16 October 1971Division ThreeBristol Rovers5–4York City
7 October 1972Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–2York City
3 March 1973Division ThreeYork City0–0Bristol Rovers
20 October 1973Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0York City
16 March 1974Division ThreeYork City2–1Bristol Rovers
12 October 1974Division TwoYork City3–0Bristol Rovers
19 April 1975Division TwoBristol Rovers1–3York City
23 August 1975Division TwoBristol Rovers2–1York City
13 December 1975Division TwoYork City0–0Bristol Rovers
27 August 1980League CupYork City2–1Bristol Rovers
3 September 1980League CupBristol Rovers1–0York City
2 October 1984Division ThreeYork City1–0Bristol Rovers
14 May 1985Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–1York City
2 November 1985Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–1York City
12 March 1986Division ThreeYork City4–0Bristol Rovers
6 September 1986Division ThreeYork City1–0Bristol Rovers
23 January 1987Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0York City
16 September 1987Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–1York City
15 April 1988Division ThreeYork City0–4Bristol Rovers
2 November 1993Division TwoYork City0–1Bristol Rovers
16 April 1994Division TwoBristol Rovers0–1York City
20 August 1994Division TwoBristol Rovers3–1York City
10 December 1994Division TwoYork City0–3Bristol Rovers
9 September 1995Division TwoYork City0–1Bristol Rovers
27 February 1996Division TwoBristol Rovers1–0York City
1 October 1996Division TwoYork City2–2Bristol Rovers
18 January 1997Division TwoBristol Rovers1–1York City
16 August 1997Division TwoYork City0–1Bristol Rovers
10 March 1998Division TwoBristol Rovers1–2York City
26 September 1998Division TwoYork City1–0Bristol Rovers
6 March 1999Division TwoBristol Rovers2–0York City
22 September 2001Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–2York City
16 April 2002Division ThreeYork City3–0Bristol Rovers
19 October 2002Division ThreeYork City2–2Bristol Rovers
18 March 2003Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–1York City
20 September 2003Division ThreeYork City2–1Bristol Rovers
27 March 2004Division ThreeBristol Rovers3–0York City
15 December 2012League TwoYork City4–1Bristol Rovers
30 March 2013League TwoBristol Rovers0–0York City
24 August 2013League TwoBristol Rovers3–2York City

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