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1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
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Watford and Bristol Rovers have met 87 times in the Football League and national cup competitions, with the much better record belonging to Watford. The two teams were both admitted to the Football League from the Southern League in 1920, and both played in Division Three, and then Division Three (South) until 1953, when Rovers were promoted to the Second Division as champions. There have only ever been three meetings between the clubs in a national cup competition, the first was a 2-1 victory in the Full Members Cup in 1990, which was the only match Rovers ever won in that competition, and the other two were both in the first round of the League Cup; one during the 2008-09 season and the other in 2011–12.


  • Last meeting: 6 August 2013 - Bristol Rovers 1–3 Watford
  • Biggest win:
    • 17 January 1948 - Bristol Rovers 3-0 Watford
    • 23 April 1951 - Bristol Rovers 3-0 Watford
    • 5 January 1952 - Watford 0-3 Bristol Rovers
  • Biggest defeat: 18 October 1930 - Bristol Rovers 1-5 Watford
  • Highest aggregate score:
    • 15 February 1930 - Watford 4-3 Bristol Rovers
    • 12 September 1931 - Watford 5-2 Bristol Rovers
    • 9 September 1946 - Bristol Rovers 3-4 Watford

Players at both clubsEdit

Some of the players who have been on the books of both clubs are listed below.

Former Rovers managers Garry Thompson and John Ward were also Watford players.

Past meetingsEdit

All post-Second World War meetings between Rovers and Watford are listed in the table below, along with some pre-war games.

18 October 1930Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers1-5Watford
21 February 1931Division Three (South)Watford2-2Bristol Rovers
12 September 1931Division Three (South)Watford5-2Bristol Rovers
27 January 1932Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3-2Watford
10 September 1932Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers2-0Watford
21 January 1933Division Three (South)Watford3-1Bristol Rovers
23 September 1933Division Three (South)Watford0-0Bristol Rovers
3 February 1934Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers1-0Watford
20 April 1935Division Three (South)Watford3-0Bristol Rovers
23 April 1935Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers2-0Watford
19 October 1935Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-1Watford
22 February 1936Division Three (South)Watford1-2Bristol Rovers
3 October 1936Division Three (South)Watford3-0Bristol Rovers
1 February 1937Division Three (South) CupBristol Rovers0-1Watford
6 February 1937Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-1Watford
28 August 1937Division Three (South)Watford4-0Bristol Rovers
1 January 1938Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-2Watford
3 December 1938Division Three (South)Watford4-1Bristol Rovers
8 April 1939Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers1-1Watford
9 September 1946Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3-4Watford
18 September 1946Division Three (South)Watford1-0Bristol Rovers
6 September 1947Division Three (South)Watford3-2Bristol Rovers
17 January 1948Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3-0Watford
25 December 1948Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3-1Watford
27 December 1948Division Three (South)Watford0-0Bristol Rovers
1 October 1949Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-2Watford
18 February 1950Division Three (South)Watford0-2Bristol Rovers
21 April 1951Division Three (South)Watford1-0Bristol Rovers
23 April 1951Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3-0Watford
8 September 1951Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-1Watford
5 January 1952Division Three (South)Watford0-3Bristol Rovers
25 September 1952Division Three (South)Watford2-3Bristol Rovers
11 April 1953Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers0-3Watford
8 December 1962Division ThreeWatford0-1Bristol Rovers
27 April 1963Division ThreeBristol Rovers3-1Watford
21 September 1963Division ThreeWatford3-2Bristol Rovers
1 February 1964Division ThreeBristol Rovers1-2Watford
21 November 1964Division ThreeWatford1-1Bristol Rovers
3 April 1965Division ThreeBristol Rovers1-0Watford
23 October 1965Division ThreeBristol Rovers1-1Watford
15 January 1966Division ThreeWatford2-0Bristol Rovers
10 December 1966Division ThreeBristol Rovers0-3Watford
6 May 1967Division ThreeWatford3-1Bristol Rovers
16 September 1967Division ThreeWatford4-0Bristol Rovers
20 January 1968Division ThreeBristol Rovers0-2Watford
10 August 1968Division ThreeBristol Rovers1-1Watford
1 March 1969Division ThreeWatford1-0Bristol Rovers
28 October 1972Division ThreeWatford2-1Bristol Rovers
24 March 1973Division ThreeBristol Rovers2-1Watford
6 October 1973Division ThreeWatford0-0Bristol Rovers
23 February 1974Division ThreeBristol Rovers1-0Watford
8 September 1979Division TwoBristol Rovers1-1Watford
19 January 1980Division TwoWatford0-0Bristol Rovers
4 November 1980Division TwoBristol Rovers3-1Watford
21 March 1981Division TwoWatford3-1Bristol Rovers
17 November 1990Division TwoWatford1-1Bristol Rovers
20 November 1990Full Members CupWatford1-2Bristol Rovers
16 February 1991Division TwoBristol Rovers3-1Watford
16 November 1991Division TwoBristol Rovers1-1Watford
28 March 1992Division TwoWatford1-0Bristol Rovers
10 October 1992Division OneWatford4-2Bristol Rovers
27 February 1993Division OneBristol Rovers0-3Watford
14 September 1996Division TwoBristol Rovers0-1Watford
18 March 1997Division TwoWatford1-0Bristol Rovers
14 October 1997Division TwoBristol Rovers1-2Watford
28 February 1998Division TwoWatford3-2Bristol Rovers
12 August 2008League CupWatford1-0Bristol Rovers
23 August 2011League CupBristol Rovers1–1Watford
6 August 2013League CupBristol Rovers1–3Watford

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