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Wal (1953-1959)
Flag of Wales between 1953 and 1959

Four Bristol Rovers players have represented Wales while on the books at Rovers. These were Marcus Browning, Wayne Jones, Neil Slatter and Dai Ward.

Nineteen Rovers players have been capped by Wales either before they joined the club, or after they left it. The most capped Welsh Rovers player was Neil Slatter with 22 caps.

Bobby Gould has managed both Wales and Bristol Rovers.

List of Wales internationalsEdit

A full list of Welsh internationals to play for Bristol Rovers is given in the table below. Players capped while on Rovers' books are shown in bold.

Rovers years
Marcus Browning51996–19971989–1997
Andy Dorman32010–20112011–2012
Christian Edwards119962003–2006
Jack Evans81912–19231926–1928
Brian Godfrey31964–19651971–1973
Ryan Green219982006–2009
Jeff Hopkins161983–19901991–1992
Wayne Jones119711966–1972
Jack Lewis119061899–1901
Chris Llewellyn61998–20072002–2003
Tommy Mills41934–19351936–1939
Jason Perry119941997–1998
David Pipe120032007–2010
Billy Richards119321937–1938
Phillip Roberts419741969–1973
Neil Slatter221983–19891980–1985
Byron Stevenson151978–19821985–1986
Gareth Taylor151995–20041991–1995
Martin Thomas119871976–1982
Paul Trollope91997–20032004–2007
Dai Ward21958–19611954–1961
David Williams519861975–1985
Gavin Williams220052011
Geraint Williams131987–19951980–1985

List of Wales teams featuring Bristol Rovers playersEdit

All matches featuring a current, future or former Bristol Rovers player in the Wales lineup are listed below. Only players who took part in the game are included, all unused substitutes have been left out.

N.B. Wales's score is always given first. (Source:
119 March 1906Eng England0–1CardiffHome ChampionshipJack Lewis
213 April 1912Ire Ireland2–3CardiffHome ChampionshipJack Evans
318 January 1913Ire Ireland1–0BelfastHome ChampionshipJack Evans
428 February 1914Sco Scotland0–0GlasgowHome ChampionshipJack Evans
514 February 1920Ire Ireland2–2BelfastHome ChampionshipJack Evans
626 February 1920Sco Scotland1–1CardiffHome ChampionshipJack Evans
713 March 1922Eng England0–1LiverpoolHome ChampionshipJack Evans
81 April 1922Ire Ireland1–1BelfastHome ChampionshipJack Evans
95 March 1923Eng England2–2CardiffHome ChampionshipJack Evans
107 December 1932Ire Ireland4–1WrexhamHome ChampionshipBilly Richards
114 November 1933Ire Ireland1–1BelfastHome ChampionshipTommy Mills
1215 November 1933Eng England2–1NewcastleHome ChampionshipTommy Mills
1329 September 1934Eng England0–4CardiffHome ChampionshipTommy Mills
1421 November 1934Sco Scotland2–3AberdeenHome ChampionshipTommy Mills
1526 November 1958Eng England2–2BirminghamHome ChampionshipDai Ward
1614 October 1961Eng England1–1CardiffHome ChampionshipDai Ward
1715 April 1964Nir Northern Ireland2–3SwanseaHome ChampionshipBrian Godfrey
1821 October 1964Den Denmark0–1CopenhagenWorld Cup qualifierBrian Godfrey
191 May 1965Ita Italy1–4FlorenceFriendlyBrian Godfrey
2026 May 1971Fin Finland1–0HelsinkiEuro Champs qualifierWayne Jones
2111 May 1974Eng England0–2CardiffHome ChampionshipPhillip Roberts
224 September 1974Aut Austria1–2ViennaEuro Champs qualifierPhillip Roberts
2330 October 1974Hun Hungary2–0CardiffEuro Champs qualifierPhillip Roberts
2420 November 1974Lux Luxembourg5–0SwanseaEuro Champs qualifierPhillip Roberts
2519 May 1978Nir Northern Ireland1–0WrexhamHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
2625 October 1978Mlt Malta7–0WrexhamEuro Champs qualifierByron Stevenson
2729 November 1978Tur Turkey1–0WrexhamEuro Champs qualifierByron Stevenson
2819 May 1979Sco Scotland3–0CardiffHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
2923 May 1979Eng England0–0LondonHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
3025 May 1979Nir Northern Ireland1–1BelfastHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
312 June 1979Mlt Malta2–0VallettaEuro Champs qualifierByron Stevenson
3217 October 1979Ger West Germany1–5CologneEuro Champs qualifierByron Stevenson
3321 November 1979Tur Turkey0–1IzmirEuro Champs qualifierByron Stevenson
342 June 1980Isl Iceland4–0ReykjavíkWorld Cup qualifierByron Stevenson
359 September 1981Cze Czechoslovakia0–2PragueWorld Cup qualifierByron Stevenson
3624 March 1982Esp Spain1–1ValenciaFriendlyByron Stevenson
3724 May 1982Sco Scotland0–1GlasgowHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
3827 May 1982Nir Northern Ireland3–0WrexhamHome ChampionshipByron Stevenson
392 June 1982Fra France1–0ToulouseFriendlyByron Stevenson
4028 May 1983Sco Scotland0–2CardiffHome ChampionshipNeil Slatter
4131 May 1983Nir Northern Ireland1–0BelfastHome ChampionshipJeff Hopkins
4212 June 1983Bra (1968-1992) Brazil1–1CardiffFriendlyJeff Hopkins
4321 September 1983Nor Norway0–0OsloEuro Champs qualifierJeff Hopkins
4412 October 1983Rou (1965-1989) Romania5–0WrexhamFriendlyJeff Hopkins
4516 November 1983Bul (1971-1990) Bulgaria0–1SofiaEuro Champs qualifierJeff Hopkins
4614 December 1983Yug Yugoslavia1–1CardiffEuro Champs qualifierJeff Hopkins
4728 February 1984Sco Scotland1–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipJeff Hopkins
482 May 1984Eng England1–0WrexhamHome ChampionshipJeff Hopkins
4922 May 1984Nir Northern Ireland1–1SwanseaHome ChampionshipJeff Hopkins
506 June 1984Nor Norway0–1TrondheimFriendlyJeff Hopkins
Neil Slatter
5110 June 1984Isr Israel0–0Tel AvivFriendlyJeff Hopkins
Neil Slatter
5212 September 1984Isl Iceland0–1ReykjavíkWorld Cup qualifierJeff Hopkins
Neil Slatter
5317 October 1984Esp Spain0–3SevilleWorld Cup qualifierNeil Slatter
5414 November 1984Isl Iceland2–1CardiffWorld Cup qualifierJeff Hopkins
Neil Slatter
5526 February 1985Nor Norway1–1WrexhamFriendlyNeil Slatter
5627 March 1985Sco Scotland1–0GlasgowWorld Cup qualifierNeil Slatter
5730 April 1985Esp Spain3–0WrexhamWorld Cup qualifierNeil Slatter
585 June 1985Nor Norway2–4BergenFriendlyJeff Hopkins
Neil Slatter
5916 October 1985Hun Hungary0–3CardiffFriendlyNeil Slatter
6025 February 1986Ksa Saudi Arabia2–1DhahranFriendlyNeil Slatter
David Williams
6121 April 1986Uru Uruguay0–0WrexhamFriendlyDavid Williams
6210 May 1986Can Canada0–2TorontoFriendlyNeil Slatter
David Williams
6320 May 1986Can Canada3–0VancouverFriendlyNeil Slatter
David Williams
6410 September 1986Fin Finland1–1HelsinkiEuro Champs qualifierNeil Slatter
Martin Thomas
David Williams
6529 April 1987Cze Czechoslovakia1–1WrexhamEuro Champs qualifierNeil Slatter
669 September 1987Den Denmark1–0CardiffEuro Champs qualifierNeil Slatter
6714 October 1987Den Denmark0–1CopenhagenEuro Champs qualifierNeil Slatter
6811 November 1987Cze Czechoslovakia0–2PragueEuro Champs qualifierNeil Slatter
Geraint Williams
6923 March 1988Yug Yugoslavia1–2SwanseaFriendlyGeraint Williams
7027 April 1988Swe Sweden1–4StockholmFriendlyGeraint Williams
711 June 1988Mlt Malta3–2Ta' QaliFriendlyNeil Slatter
Geraint Williams
724 June 1988Ita Italy1–0BresciaFriendlyNeil Slatter
Geraint Williams
7314 September 1988Ned The Netherlands0–1AmsterdamWorld Cup qualsGeraint Williams
748 February 1989Isr Israel3–3Tel AvivFriendlyNeil Slatter
Geraint Williams
7526 April 1989Swe Sweden0–2WrexhamFriendlyGeraint Williams
7631 May 1989Ger West Germany0–0CardiffWorld Cup qualsGeraint Williams
776 September 1989Fin Finland0–1HelsinkiWorld Cup qualsGeraint Williams
7811 October 1989Ned The Netherlands1–2CardiffWorld Cup qualifierJeff Hopkins
Geraint Williams
7920 May 1990Crc Costa Rica1–0CardiffFriendlyJeff Hopkins
8017 February 1993Irl Republic of Ireland1–2DublinFriendlyGeraint Williams
819 March 1994Nor Norway1–3CardiffFriendlyJason Perry
8211 October 1995Ger Germany1–2CardiffEuro Champs qualifierGeraint Williams
8315 November 1995Alb Albania1–1TiranaEuro Champs qualifierGareth Taylor
8424 January 1996Ita Italy0–3TerniFriendlyMarcus Browning
Gareth Taylor
8524 April 1996Sui Switzerland0–2LuganoFriendlyChristian Edwards
Gareth Taylor
862 June 1996Smr San Marino5–0SerravalleWorld Cup qualifierMarcus Browning
8731 August 1996Smr San Marino6–0CardiffWorld Cup qualifierMarcus Browning
Gareth Taylor
885 October 1996Ned The Netherlands1–3CardiffWorld Cup qualifierMarcus Browning
899 November 1996Ned The Netherlands1–7EindhovenWorld Cup qualifierGareth Taylor
9011 February 1997Irl Republic of Ireland0–0CardiffFriendlyGareth Taylor
9127 May 1997Sco Scotland1–0KilmarnockFriendlyMarcus Browning
Paul Trollope
9211 October 1997Bel Belgium2–3BrusselsWorld Cup qualifierGareth Taylor
9311 November 1997Bra Brazil0–3BrasíliaFriendlyPaul Trollope
9425 March 1998Jam Jamaica0–0CardiffFriendlyGareth Taylor
Paul Trollope
953 June 1998Mlt Malta3–0VallettaFriendlyRyan Green
Chris Llewellyn
Paul Trollope
966 June 1998Tun Tunisia0–4TunisFriendlyRyan Green
Chris Llewellyn
Paul Trollope
9727 March 2002Cze Czech Republic0–0CardiffFriendlyGareth Taylor
Paul Trollope
9821 August 2002Cro Croatia1–1VaraždinFriendlyGareth Taylor
Paul Trollope
9920 November 2002Aze Azerbaijan2–0BakuEuro Champs qualifierPaul Trollope
10012 February 2003Bih Bosnia & Herz.2–2CardiffFriendlyGareth Taylor
10129 March 2003Aze Azerbaijan4–0CardiffEuro Champs qualifierPaul Trollope
10226 May 2003Usa United States0–2San JoseFriendlyDavid Pipe
Gareth Taylor
10318 February 2004Sco Scotland4–0CardiffFriendlyGareth Taylor
10431 March 2004Hun Hungary2–1BudapestFriendlyGareth Taylor
10527 May 2004Nor Norway0–0OsloFriendlyChris Llewellyn
10630 May 2004Can Canada1–0WrexhamFriendlyChris Llewellyn
10718 August 2004Lva Latvia2–0RigaFriendlyGareth Taylor
10817 August 2005Svn Slovenia0–0SwanseaFriendlyGavin Williams
10916 November 2005Cyp Cyprus0–1LimassolFriendlyGavin Williams
11014 November 2006Lie Liechtenstein4–0WrexhamFriendlyChris Llewellyn
11126 May 2007Nzl New Zealand2–2WrexhamFriendlyChris Llewellyn
11223 May 2010Cro Croatia0–2OsijekFriendlyAndy Dorman
11325 May 2011Sco Scotland1–3DublinCarling Nations CupAndy Dorman
11427 May 2011Nir Northern Ireland2–0DublinCarling Nations CupAndy Dorman