Tranmere Rovers
Stadium: Prenton Park
Tranmere Rovers Competitive match results1
@Bristol Rovers:923187
@Tranmere Rovers:6451921
Neutral venues:00112
1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
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Bristol Rovers and Tranmere Rovers have met on thirty occasions, with The Gas having the better record with fifteen wins to Tranmere's nine. The two teams met in the final of the Leyland DAF Cup at Wembley in 1990, a game which Tranmere won 2-1.


  • Last meeting: 9 March 2011 - Tranmere Rovers 0–1 Bristol Rovers
  • Biggest win: 30 September 1969 - Bristol Rovers 3–0 Tranmere Rovers
  • Biggest defeat: 17 April 1970 - Tranmere Rovers 5–2 Bristol Rovers
  • Highest aggregate score: 17 April 1970 - Tranmere Rovers 5–2 Bristol Rovers

Players to represent both clubsEdit

Some of the players who have been on the books of both Bristol Rovers and Tranmere Rovers are listed below.

Previous meetingsEdit

All competitive matches between Bristol Rovers and Tranmere Rovers are listed in the table below.

12 December 1931FA CupTranmere Rovers2–0Bristol Rovers
10 November 1967Division ThreeTranmere Rovers3–3Bristol Rovers
6 April 1968Division ThreeBristol Rovers3–1Tranmere Rovers
2 November 1968Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–2Tranmere Rovers
10 January 1969Division ThreeTranmere Rovers1–2Bristol Rovers
30 September 1969Division ThreeBristol Rovers3–0Tranmere Rovers
17 April 1970Division ThreeTranmere Rovers5–2Bristol Rovers
13 November 1970Division ThreeTranmere Rovers0–2Bristol Rovers
13 March 1971Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–1Tranmere Rovers
21 August 1971Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–1Tranmere Rovers
17 March 1972Division ThreeTranmere Rovers0–1Bristol Rovers
23 October 1972Division ThreeTranmere Rovers1–1Bristol Rovers
13 January 1973Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–0Tranmere Rovers
12 April 1974Division ThreeTranmere Rovers0–0Bristol Rovers
16 April 1974Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0Tranmere Rovers
30 December 1989Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–0Tranmere Rovers
23 April 1990Division ThreeTranmere Rovers1–2Bristol Rovers
20 May 1990Football League TrophyBristol Rovers1–2[1]Tranmere Rovers
23 August 1991Division TwoTranmere Rovers2–2Bristol Rovers
11 January 1992Division TwoBristol Rovers1–0Tranmere Rovers
28 August 1992Division OneTranmere Rovers2–1Bristol Rovers
20 February 1993Division OneBristol Rovers1–0Tranmere Rovers
11 January 2008League OneTranmere Rovers0–2Bristol Rovers
23 February 2008League OneBristol Rovers1–1Tranmere Rovers
13 December 2008League OneBristol Rovers2–0Tranmere Rovers
5 April 2009League OneTranmere Rovers2–0Bristol Rovers
19 December 2009League OneTranmere Rovers2–0Bristol Rovers
13 March 2010League OneBristol Rovers0–0Tranmere Rovers
28 September 2010League OneBristol Rovers0–1Tranmere Rovers
8 March 2011League OneTranmere Rovers0–1Bristol Rovers


  1. Match played at Wembley Stadium

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