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Stadium: New Meadow
Shrewsbury Town Competitive match results1
@Bristol Rovers:18735723
@Shrewsbury Town:97143645
Neutral venues:10031
1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
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Shrewsbury Town and Bristol Rovers have faced each other a total of 59 times in competitive football, with the better record belonging to Rovers thanks to their 28 wins to Shrewsbury's 17.

The clubs met for the first time on 25 August 1951 in the old Third Division (South) in a game that ended in a 3–3 draw, and Shrewsbury also provided the opposition in the 2007 playoff final, when Rovers won promotion to League One.

Games between these two teams played at Shrewsbury's home ground have become known as the Weetabix derby, thanks to the bizarre habit of Rovers fans of taking packets of Weetabix to the ground to throw at each other. The story behind this, possibly apocryphal, is that a Rovers fan who was somewhat the worse for wear for drink was sent to the local supermarket with £75 in his pocket to buy lunch for him and his friends. Not being in the most lucid state he brought back £75 worth of Weetabix. The group used the cereal to feed birds at the ground, but before long it had degenerated into a full-scale food fight. The next year the same group returned to the scene of the crime, again bearing Weetabix, and it soon became a tradition, though stewards at the ground now have strict instructions to confiscate breakfast cereals at the gate.


  • Last meeting: 14 February 2012 – Shrewsbury Town 1–0 Bristol Rovers
  • Biggest win: 21 March 1964 – Bristol Rovers 7–0 Shrewsbury Town
  • Heaviest defeat: 13 October 1962 – Shrewsbury Town 7–2 Bristol Rovers
  • Highest aggregate score: 13 October 1962 – Shrewsbury Town 7–2 Bristol Rovers

Players at both clubsEdit

The list of players who have spent time on the books of both Bristol Rovers and Shrewsbury Town includes:

  • Frankie Bennett had a loan spell at Shrewsbury before joining Rovers in 1996
  • Scott Bevan played for Shrewsbury in 2008 before joining Rovers in 2011
  • Liam Burns had very brief spells with Shrewsbury and Rovers in 2004
  • Trevor Challis played for Shrewsbury during the 2004–05 season after having been released by Rovers in 2003
  • Lance Cronin had a brief spell as a non-contract player with Shrewsbury in 2006 and later signed for Rovers in 2011
  • Steve Cross started his career with Shrewsbury and ended it with Rovers
  • Jamie Cureton played for Rovers between 1996 and 2000 and had a loan spell with Shrewsbury in 2010
  • Luke Daniels was loaned to both Shrewsbury and Rovers by West Bromwich Albion
  • Craig Disley joined Shrewsbury from Rovers in 2009
  • Brian Gayle joined Shrewsbury from Rovers in 1997
  • Ron Green joined Rovers from Shrewsbury in 1984
  • Matt Harrold joined Rovers from Shrewsbury in 2011
  • Matt Hayfield played two games for The Shrews after being released by Rovers in 1998
  • Scott Howie joined Shrewsbury from Rovers in 2003
  • Joe Jacobson joined Shrewsbury in 2011, after having been released by Rovers in 2009
  • Glyn Jones
  • Stuart Nicholson was loaned to Rovers and Shrewsbury by West Bromwich Albion
  • Tim Parkin played for Rovers from 1981 until 1986 and had a loan spell at Shrewsbury in 1991
  • Paul Petts joined Shewsbury from Rovers in 1980
  • Steve Phillips was loaned to Shrewsbury by Rovers in 2009
  • Carl Regan joined The Shrews after being released by Rovers in 2011
  • Scott Shearer was loaned to Shrewsbury by Rovers during the 2006–07 season
  • Kevin Street joined Shrewsbury from Rovers in 2003
  • Robbie Turner spent the 1986–87 season with Rovers and had a loan spell with Shrewsbury in 1993
  • Richard Walker was loaned to Shrewsbury by Rovers for the whole of the 2008–09 season
  • Ernie Whatmore joined Rovers from Shrewsbury in 1923
  • Devon White played for Rovers between 1987 and 1992 and ended his league career with Shrewsbury in 1999
  • Brian Williams played for Rovers and Shrewsbury in the 1980s
  • Mark Wright was loaned to Shrewsbury by Rovers during the 2010–11 season, before signing a permanent deal with them in the January 2011 transfer window

Past meetingsEdit

A full list of all competitive meetings between Bristol Rovers and Shrewsbury Town is given below.

25 August 1951Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers3–3Shrewsbury Town
22 December 1951Division Three (South)Shrewsbury Town2–1Bristol Rovers
23 August 1952Division Three (South)Bristol Rovers2–1Shrewsbury Town
20 December 1952Division Three (South)Shrewsbury Town0–1Bristol Rovers
13 October 1962Division ThreeShrewsbury Town7–2Bristol Rovers
2 March 1963Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–0Shrewsbury Town
4 September 1963League CupShrewsbury Town1–1Bristol Rovers
23 September 1963League CupBristol Rovers6–2Shrewsbury Town
29 February 1964Division ThreeShrewsbury Town0–1Bristol Rovers
21 March 1964Division ThreeBristol Rovers7–0Shrewsbury Town
10 October 1964Division ThreeShrewsbury Town2–1Bristol Rovers
23 February 1965Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0Shrewsbury Town
24 August 1965Division ThreeBristol Rovers3–2Shrewsbury Town
1 November 1965Division ThreeShrewsbury Town1–0Bristol Rovers
3 September 1966Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0Shrewsbury Town
2 November 1966Division ThreeShrewsbury Town3–4Bristol Rovers
2 December 1967Division ThreeBristol Rovers4–1Shrewsbury Town
27 April 1968Division ThreeShrewsbury Town0–0Bristol Rovers
27 August 1968Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–2Shrewsbury Town
9 October 1968Division ThreeShrewsbury Town1–0Bristol Rovers
1 November 1969Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–3Shrewsbury Town
30 March 1970Division ThreeShrewsbury Town0–0Bristol Rovers
22 August 1970Division ThreeBristol Rovers2–2Shrewsbury Town
18 December 1970Division ThreeShrewsbury Town1–4Bristol Rovers
13 November 1971Division ThreeBristol Rovers3–1Shrewsbury Town
4 March 1972Division ThreeShrewsbury Town2–2Bristol Rovers
21 October 1972Division ThreeBristol Rovers5–1Shrewsbury Town
16 March 1973Division ThreeShrewsbury Town4–2Bristol Rovers
18 September 1973Division ThreeShrewsbury Town0–2Bristol Rovers
2 October 1973Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0Shrewsbury Town
25 August 1979Division TwoBristol Rovers2–1Shrewsbury Town
29 December 1979Division TwoShrewsbury Town3–1Bristol Rovers
8 November 1980Division TwoShrewsbury Town3–1Bristol Rovers
11 April 1981Division TwoBristol Rovers1–1Shrewsbury Town
9 January 1988FA CupShrewsbury Town2–1Bristol Rovers
11 November 1989Division ThreeShrewsbury Town2–3Bristol Rovers
28 April 1990Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0Shrewsbury Town
24 September 1994Division TwoShrewsbury Town1–0Bristol Rovers
4 March 1995Division TwoBristol Rovers4–0Shrewsbury Town
26 December 1995Division TwoShrewsbury Town1–1Bristol Rovers
2 March 1996Division TwoBristol Rovers2–1Shrewsbury Town
5 March 1996Football League TrophyShrewsbury Town1–1Bristol Rovers
12 March 1996Football League TrophyBristol Rovers0–1Shrewsbury Town
12 November 1996Division TwoShrewsbury Town2–0Bristol Rovers
1 February 1997Division TwoBristol Rovers2–0Shrewsbury Town
1 September 2001Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0Shrewsbury Town
15 January 2002Division ThreeShrewsbury Town0–1Bristol Rovers
21 September 2002Division ThreeShrewsbury Town2–5Bristol Rovers
8 March 2003Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0Shrewsbury Town
4 September 2004League TwoBristol Rovers0–0Shrewsbury Town
1 January 2005League TwoShrewsbury Town2–0Bristol Rovers
26 December 2005League TwoBristol Rovers2–1Shrewsbury Town
18 March 2006League TwoShrewsbury Town1–0Bristol Rovers
26 August 2006League TwoBristol Rovers1–0Shrewsbury Town
30 January 2007Football League TrophyShrewsbury Town0–1Bristol Rovers
2 March 2007League TwoShrewsbury Town0–0Bristol Rovers
26 May 2007League Two Playoff FinalBristol Rovers3–1aShrewsbury Town
13 September 2011League TwoBristol Rovers1–0Shrewsbury Town
14 February 2012League TwoShrewsbury Town1–0Bristol Rovers

a Match played at Wembley Stadium

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