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No Bristol Rovers player has ever represented Scotland while on the club's books, and a total of seven Scottish internationals have played for Rovers before or after their international career. The most capped Scottish players to have joined Rovers at some point in their career were James Howie, Derek Riordan and David Steele who each had three caps.

No Scottish international played for Rovers between the departure from the club of Bobby McKay in 1935 and the arrival of David Clarkson and Garry Kenneth in 2012, a gap of 77 years.

List of Scotland internationalsEdit

A full list of Scotland internationals to play for Bristol Rovers is given in the table below.

Rovers years
David Clarkson220082012–
James Howie31905-19081902–1903
Garry Kenneth220102012–
Bobby McKay119271932–1935
Derek Riordan32005–20092012–
David Steele319231919–1922
Tommy Tait119111903–1906

List of Scotland matches featuring Bristol Rovers playersEdit

N.B. Scotland's score is always listed first. (Source: Scottish Football Association)

11 April 1905Eng England0–1LondonHome ChampionshipJames Howie
27 April 1906Eng England2–1GlasgowHome ChampionshipJames Howie
34 April 1908Eng England1–1GlasgowHome ChampionshipJames Howie
46 March 1911Wal Wales2–2CardiffHome ChampionshipTommy Tait
53 March 1923Ire Ireland1–0BelfastHome ChampionshipDavid Steele
617 March 1923Wal Wales2–0PaisleyHome ChampionshipDavid Steele
714 April 1923Eng England2–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipDavid Steele
829 October 1927Wal Wales2–2WrexhamHome ChampionshipBobby McKay
917 August 2005Aut Austria2–2GrazFriendlyDerek Riordan
1030 May 2008Cze Czech Republic1–3PragueFriendlyDavid Clarkson
1119 November 2008Arg Argentina0–1GlasgowFriendlyDavid Clarkson
1210 October 2009Jpn Japan0–2YokohamaFriendlyDerek Riordan
1314 November 2009Wal Wales0–3CardiffFriendlyDerek Riordan
1411 August 2010Swe Sweden0–3StockholmFriendlyGarry Kenneth
1516 November 2010Fro Faroe Islands3–0AberdeenFriendlyGarry Kenneth

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