A large number of players who have passed through Rovers have left without having made their league debut. A list of some of the players to have been given professional contracts, but have never played for Rovers in the league is given below.

Name Nationality Years
Ollie Barnes Eng England 2006–2007
Leon Bell Eng England 2003
Rob Scott Eng England 2001-2002
Jon Beswetherick Eng England 2004
Michael BoatengEng England2011–2012
George Booth Eng England 2009–2011
Dan Cayford Eng England 2009–2010
Mark Cooper Eng England 2009–2011
Tony Davis Eng England 2002–2003
Thorsten Dinkel Ger Germany 2004
James Fraser Eng England 2007–2009
Tom Godsell Eng England 2007–2008
Danny Greaves Eng England 2001–2004
Liam Harwood Eng England 2008–2009
Rob Holmes Eng England 2009–2010
Martin Horsell Eng England 2005–2006
Michael Husbands Eng England 2005
Darren JefferiesEng England2010–2012
Tobi Jinadu Nga Nigeria 2003
Steve Kingdon Eng England 2009–2010
Alex Kite Eng England 2007–2010
Richard Langley Jam Jamaica 2008–2009
Adam Mahdi Eng England 2007–2009
Pedro Matias Esp Spain 2004
Jack McKenna Eng England 2009–2011
Alex O'Reilly Irl Republic of Ireland 2001
Ryan Paddock Wal Wales 2007–2008
James Palmer Eng England 2006–2008
Tom Parrinello Eng England 2006–2009
Neikell Plummer Eng England 2009–2010
Gary Powell Eng England 2000–2001
Lewis Powell Wal Wales 2006–2007
Mark Preece Eng England 2005–2006
Danzelle St Louis-Hamilton Eng England 2009
Ross Staley Eng England 2012–2013
Matt Thorne Eng England 2005–2006
James Tyrell Eng England 2008–2010
Victor Webb Eng England 2003–2004
Joe White Eng England 2008–2010
Ben Willshire Eng England 2005–2006

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For lists of players who have made league appearances, see:

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