The Ulster Banner is flown at Northern
Ireland matches, although it is not
the official flag of the nation.
St Patrick's saltire, which was used by
the IFA's all-Ireland team prior to 1950

Only one Bristol Rovers player has ever represented Northern Ireland while on the books at Rovers. This was Ronnie Briggs, who played for the Pirates between 1965 and 1968 and whose international career spanned the period from 1962 to 1965. Five other Northern Irish internationals have played for Rovers before or after their international career. The most capped NI player to have joined Rovers was James Quinn who has been capped over fifty times.

Although the IFA (Irish Football Association) existed before 1950, they selected players from the whole of Ireland. The Northern Ireland team as it exists now came into being in 1950 under the name 'Ireland', and the name became 'Northern Ireland' in 1953. Prior to this date the IFA and FAI (Football Association of Ireland) ran two teams representing the whole of Ireland and both called Ireland, but the FIFA congress in 1953 decreed that the names should be changed to 'Northern Ireland' and 'Republic of Ireland' to avoid confusion.

List of Northern Ireland internationalsEdit

A full list of Northern Irish internationals to play for Bristol Rovers is given in the table below. Only players who played for the IFA (Irish Football Association) national team after 1950 are included in this list, for pre-1950 players see Ireland. Players capped while at Rovers are shown in bold.

Rovers years
Ronnie Briggs21962–19651965–1968
Adrian Coote61999–20002002–2003
Jeff Hughes220062008–2011
Frank McCourt61951–19531949–1950
James Quinn501996–20062001–2002
Ciarán Toner220032001–2002

List of Northern Ireland teams featuring Bristol Rovers playersEdit

All matches featuring a current, future or former Bristol Rovers player in the Northern Ireland lineup are listed below. Only players who took part in the game are included, all unused substitutes have been left out.

N.B. Northern Ireland's score is always given first. (Source:
114 November 1951Eng EnglandBirmingham0–2Home ChampionshipFrank McCourt
219 March 1952Wal WalesSwansea0–3Home ChampionshipFrank McCourt
34 October 1952Eng EnglandBelfast2–2Home ChampionshipFrank McCourt
45 November 1952Sco ScotlandGlasgow1–1Home ChampionshipFrank McCourt
511 November 1952Fra FranceParis1–3FriendlyFrank McCourt
615 April 1953Wal (1953-1959) WalesBelfast2–3Home ChampionshipFrank McCourt
711 April 1962Wal WalesCardiff0–4Home ChampionshipRonnie Briggs
817 March 1965Ned The NetherlandsBelfast2–1World Cup qualifierRonnie Briggs
924 April 1996Swe SwedenBelfast1–2FriendlyJames Quinn
1014 December 1996Alb AlbaniaBelfast2–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
1122 January 1997Ita ItalyPalermo0–2FriendlyJames Quinn
1211 February 1997Bel BelgiumBelfast3–0FriendlyJames Quinn
1329 March 1997Por PortugalBelfast0–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
142 April 1997Ukr UkraineKiev1–2World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
1530 April 1997Arm ArmeniaYerevan0–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
1621 May 1997Tha ThailandBankok0–0FriendlyJames Quinn
1720 August 1997Ger GermanyBelfast1–3World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
1810 September 1997Alb AlbaniaZurich0–1World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
1925 March 1998Svk SlovakiaBelfast1–0FriendlyJames Quinn
2022 April 1998Sui SwitzerlandBelfast1–0FriendlyJames Quinn
215 September 1998Tur TurkeyIstanbul0–3Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
2210 October 1998Fin FinlandBelfast1–0Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
2327 April 1999Can CanadaBelfast1–1FriendlyAdrian Coote
2429 May 1999Irl Republic of IrelandDublin1–0Friendly [a]Adrian Coote
James Quinn
2518 August 1999Fra FranceBelfast0–1FriendlyJames Quinn
264 September 1999Tur TurkeyBelfast0–3Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
278 September 1999Ger GermanyDortmund0–4Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
289 October 1999Fin FinlandHelsinki1–4Euro Champs qualifierAdrian Coote
James Quinn
2923 February 2000Lux LuxembourgLuxembourg3–1FriendlyAdrian Coote
James Quinn
3028 March 2000Mlt MaltaTa' Qali3–0FriendlyAdrian Coote
James Quinn
3126 April 2000Hun HungaryBelfast0–1FriendlyAdrian Coote
3216 August 2000Scg YugoslaviaBelfast1–2FriendlyJames Quinn
332 June 2001Bul BulgariaBelfast0–1World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
346 June 2001Cze Czech RepublicPrague1–3World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
356 October 2001Mlt MaltaTa' Qali1–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
3621 August 2002Cyp CyprusBelfast0–0FriendlyJames Quinn
3712 February 2003Fin FinlandBelfast0–1FriendlyJames Quinn
3829 March 2003Arm ArmeniaYerevan0–1Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
392 April 2003Gre GreeceBelfast0–2Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
403 June 2003Ita ItalyCampobasso0–2FriendlyCiarán Toner
4111 June 2003Esp SpainBelfast0–0Euro Champs qualifierCiarán Toner
4228 April 2004Scg Serbia & MontenegroBelfast1–1FriendlyJames Quinn
4330 May 2004Brb BarbadosBridgetown1–1FriendlyJames Quinn
446 June 2004Tri Trinidad & TobagoBacolet3–0FriendlyJames Quinn
454 September 2004Pol PolandBelfast0–3World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
468 September 2004Wal WalesCardiff2–2World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
479 October 2004Aze AzerbaijanBaku0–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
4813 October 2004Aut AustriaBelfast3–3World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
4930 March 2005Pol PolandWarsaw0–1World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
5017 August 2005Mlt MaltaTa' Qali1–1FriendlyJames Quinn
513 September 2005Aze AzerbaijanBelfast2–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
527 September 2005Eng EnglandBelfast1–0World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
538 October 2005Wal WalesBelfast2–3World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
5412 October 2005Aut AustriaVienna0–2World Cup qualifierJames Quinn
5515 November 2005Por PortugalBelfast1–1FriendlyJames Quinn
561 March 2006Est EstoniaBelfast1–0FriendlyJames Quinn
5721 May 2006Uru UruguayNew York0–1FriendlyJames Quinn
Jeff Hughes
5826 May 2006Rou RomaniaChicago0–2FriendlyJames Quinn
Jeff Hughes
5916 August 2006Fin FinlandHelsinki2–1FriendlyJames Quinn
602 September 2006Isl IcelandBelfast0–3Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
616 September 2006Esp SpainBelfast3–2Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn
6211 October 2006Lva LatviaBelfast1–0Euro Champs qualifierJames Quinn

[a] Charity match arranged to raise funds following the Omagh bombing in 1998.