The Gloucesteshire Cup was a competition held on 99 occasions from the 1887-88 season until 1996.

It was originally a knockout tournament open to teams in Gloucestershire, but from 1907-08 became an annual match between the first teams of Bristol Rovers and Bristol City.


The Gloucestershire cup was created by Charles Lacy-Sweet from Clifton Association after a meeting in September 1887. Present at the meeting were representatives from Clifton Association, Eastville Rovers (later to become Bristol Rovers), Globe (a team made up of Old Elizabethans), Southville, and church teams St Agnes, St George and St Simon.

Cup winnersEdit

This list is not yet complete

Knockout tournamentEdit

Final #DateWinnerScoreRunner-upGoalscorers
21889-04-06Eastville Rovers1-0WarmleyWalter Perrin
71894-03-31St George3-1Eastville Rovers
91896-04-06Warmley1-0Eastville RoversBill Bowler
111898Bristol City Warmley
121899-04-03Bristol City2-1Bristol Rovers
141901-04-29Bristol City4-0Bristol Rovers

Bristol City v Bristol Rovers matchesEdit

Final #DateWinnerScoreScorersNotes
901987-12-02Bristol City2-1 Held over from 1986/7
911988-03-15Bristol City3-1
921988-08-17Bristol Rovers3-0David Mehew, Devon White
931989-08-08Bristol Rovers2-1
941990-08-15Bristol City4-1
951991-08-17Bristol City3-2Phil Purnell, David Mehew (Rovers)
961992-08-05Bristol Rovers2-1Andy Cole (City), David Mehew, Marcus Stewart (Rovers)
971993-08-05Bristol Rovers1-1Billy Clark (Rovers), Matt Bryant (City)Rovers won 5-3 on penalties
981994-08-03Bristol Rovers0-0 Rovers won 11-10 on penalties
991996-08-17Bristol City1-0Shaun Goater



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