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Only one Bristol Rovers player has ever represented England while on the books at the club: Geoff Bradford, who won a single cap in 1955, scoring in a 5–1 victory over Denmark. Twenty-two other Rovers players have been capped by England either before they joined the club or after they left it. The record for the most England appearances by a Bristol Rovers player is held by Alan Ball with 72 caps, followed by Mick Channon with 46.

There have been 190 full international matches where the England side included a player who spent part of his career with Bristol Rovers, and the highest number of Rovers players who have been in a single England side is 3. This has happened four times, all of which were in the 1970s:

  1. England v Switzerland (9 November 1971): Alan Ball, Terry Cooper and Larry Lloyd
  2. England v Portugal (20 November 1974): Mick Channon, Terry Cooper and Gerry Francis
  3. England v Wales (21 May 1975): Alan Ball, Mick Channon and Gerry Francis
  4. England v Scotland (24 May 1975): Alan Ball, Mick Channon and Gerry Francis

The first player to play for both England and Bristol Rovers was George Kinsey, who made his national team debut on 5 March 1892 in a Home Championship match against Wales in Wrexham. He went on to win another cap the next year and a further two in 1896, before joining Rovers in 1897.

At the time of writing (August 2013) the most recent Rovers man to play for England is Rickie Lambert, who after spending three years with The Gas between 2006 and 2009 went on to represent his nation in 2013, scoring England's winner against Scotland with his first touch of the ball after coming on as a 67th minute substitute.

List of England internationalsEdit

A full list of England internationals to play for Bristol Rovers is given in the table below. Players capped while on Rovers' books are shown in bold.

Geoff Bradford2

Geoff Bradford

Gary mabbut

Gary Mabbutt

Rovers years
Hugh Adcock51929–19301935–1936
Alan Ball721965–19751982–1983
Jack Ball119271921–1922
Billy Beats21901–19021903–1906
Geoff Bradford119551949–1964
Cliff Britton91934–19371928–1930
Mick Channon461973–19781982–1983
Tommy Cook119251931–1933
Terry Cooper201969–19751979–1981
Keith Curle319921981–1983
Ronnie Dix119381927–1932
Gerry Francis121974–19761985–1988
Vivian Gibbins21924–19251932–1933
George Kinsey41892–18961897–1902
Rickie Lambert120132006–2009
Larry Lloyd41971–19801968–1969
Gary Mabbutt161982–19921978–1982
Nigel Martyn231992–20021987–1990
John Scales319951985–1987
Phil Taylor319471935–1936
John Townrow21925–19261932–1933
Mark Walters119911999–2002
Bobby Zamora22010–20111999–2000

List of England matches featuring Bristol Rovers playersEdit

All matches featuring a current, future or former Bristol Rovers player in the England lineup are listed below. Only players who took part in the game are included, unused substitutes have been omitted.

N.B. England's score is always listed first. (Source:

15 March 1892Wal Wales2–0WrexhamHome ChampionshipGeorge Kinsey
21 April 1893Sco Scotland5–2LondonHome ChampionshipGeorge Kinsey
37 March 1896Ire Ireland2–0BelfastHome ChampionshipGeorge Kinsey
416 March 1896Wal Wales9–1CardiffHome ChampionshipGeorge Kinsey
518 March 1901Wal Wales6–0NewcastleHome ChampionshipBilly Beats
63 May 1902Sco Scotland2–2BirminghamHome ChampionshipBilly Beats
717 May 1924Fra France3–1ParisFriendlyVivian Gibbins
828 February 1925Wal Wales2–1SwanseaHome ChampionshipTommy Cook
94 April 1925Sco Scotland0–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipJohn Townrow
1021 May 1925Fra France3–2ParisFriendlyVivian Gibbins
111 March 1926Wal Wales1–3LondonHome ChampionshipJohn Townrow
1222 October 1927Ire Ireland0–2BelfastHome ChampionshipJack Ball
139 May 1929Fra France4–1ParisFriendlyHugh Adcock
1411 May 1929Bel Belgium5–1BrusselsFriendlyHugh Adcock
1515 May 1929Esp (1875-1931) Spain3–4MadridFriendlyHugh Adcock
1619 October 1929Ire Ireland3–0BelfastHome ChampionshipHugh Adcock
1720 November 1929Wal Wales6–0LondonHome ChampionshipHugh Adcock
1829 September 1934Wal Wales4–0CardiffHome ChampionshipCliff Britton
1914 November 1934Ita (1861-1946) Italy3–2LondonFriendlyCliff Britton
206 February 1935Ire Ireland2–1LiverpoolHome ChampionshipCliff Britton
216 April 1935Sco Scotland0–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipCliff Britton
2218 November 1936Ire Ireland3–1Stoke-on-TrentHome ChampionshipCliff Britton
232 December 1936Hun (1920-1946) Hungary6–2LondonFriendlyCliff Britton
2417 April 1937Sco Scotland1–3GlasgowHome ChampionshipCliff Britton
2514 May 1937Nor Norway6–0OsloFriendlyCliff Britton
2617 May 1937Swe Sweden4–0StockholmFriendlyCliff Britton
279 November 1938Nor Norway4–0NewcastleFriendlyRonnie Dix
2818 October 1947Wal Wales3–0CardiffHome ChampionshipPhil Taylor
295 November 1947Ire Ireland2–2LiverpoolHome ChampionshipPhil Taylor
3019 November 1947Swe Sweden4–2LondonFriendlyPhil Taylor
312 October 1955Den Denmark5–1CopenhagenFriendlyGeoff Bradford
329 May 1965Yug Yugoslavia1–1BelgradeFriendlyAlan Ball
3312 May 1965Ger West Germany1–0NurenbergFriendlyAlan Ball
3416 May 1965Swe Sweden2–1GothenburgFriendlyAlan Ball
358 December 1965Esp (1945-1977) Spain2–0MadridFriendlyAlan Ball
365 January 1966Pol Poland1–1LiverpoolFriendlyAlan Ball
3723 February 1966Ger West Germany1–0LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
382 April 1966Sco Scotland4–3GlasgowHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
3926 June 1966Fin Finland3–0HelsinkiFriendlyAlan Ball
403 July 1966Den Denmark2–0CopenhagenFriendlyAlan Ball
415 July 1966Pol Poland1–0ChorzowFriendlyAlan Ball
4211 July 1966Uru Uruguay1–1LondonWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
4323 July 1966Arg Argentina1–0LondonWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
4426 July 1966Por Portugal2–1LondonWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
4530 July 1966Ger West Germany4–2LondonWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
4620 October 1966Nir Northern Ireland2–0BelfastEuro Champs qualifier
Home Championship
Alan Ball
472 November 1966Cze Czechoslovakia0–0LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
4816 November 1966Wal Wales5–1LondonEuro Champs qualifier
Home Championship
Alan Ball
4915 April 1967Sco Scotland2–3LondonEuro Champs qualifier
Home Championship
Alan Ball
5024 May 1967Esp (1945-1977) Spain2–0LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
5127 May 1967Aut Austria1–0ViennaFriendlyAlan Ball
5221 October 1967Wal Wales3–0CardiffEuro Champs qualifier
Home Championship
Alan Ball
536 December 1967Urs Soviet Union2–2LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
5424 February 1968Sco Scotland1–1GlasgowEuro Champs qualifier
Home Championship
Alan Ball
553 April 1968Esp (1945-1977) Spain1–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
568 May 1968Esp (1945-1977) Spain2–1MadridEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
571 June 1968Ger West Germany0–1HanoverFriendlyAlan Ball
585 June 1968Yug Yugoslavia0–1FlorenceEuro Champs finalsAlan Ball
596 November 1968Rou (1965-1989) Romania0–0BucharestFriendlyAlan Ball
6015 January 1969Rou (1965-1989) Romania1–1LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
6112 March 1969Fra France5–0LondonFriendlyTerry Cooper
623 May 1969Nir Northern Ireland3–1BelfastHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
637 May 1969Wal Wales2–1LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
6410 May 1969Sco Scotland4–1LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
651 June 1969Mex Mexico0–0Mexico CityFriendlyAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
668 June 1969Uru Uruguay2–1MontevideoFriendlyAlan Ball
6712 June 1969Bra (1968-1992) Brazil1–2Rio de JaneiroFriendlyAlan Ball
6810 December 1969Por Portugal1–0LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
6914 January 1970Ned The Netherlands0–0LondonFriendlyTerry Cooper
7025 February 1970Bel Belgium3–1BrusselsFriendlyAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
7118 April 1970Wal Wales1–1CardiffHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
7225 April 1970Sco Scotland0–0GlasgowHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
7320 May 1970Col Colombia4–0BogotaFriendlyAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
7424 May 1970Ecu Ecuador2–0QuitoFriendlyAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
752 June 1970Rou (1965-1989) Romania1–0GuadalajaraWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
767 June 1970Bra (1968-1992) Brazil0–1GuadalajaraWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
7711 June 1970Cze Czechoslovakia1–0GuadalajaraWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
7814 June 1970Ger West Germany2–3LeónWorld Cup finalsAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
7925 November 1970Gdr East Germany3–1LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
803 February 1971Mlt Malta1–0GziraEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
8121 April 1971Gre (1970-1975) Greece3–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
8212 May 1971Mlt Malta5–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
8315 May 1971Nir Northern Ireland1–0BelfastHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
8419 May 1971Wal Wales0–0LondonHome ChampionshipTerry Cooper
Larry Lloyd
8522 May 1971Sco Scotland3–1LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
8613 October 1971Sui Switzerland3–2BasleEuro Champs QualifierTerry Cooper
879 November 1971Sui Switzerland1–1LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
Terry Cooper
Larry Lloyd
8830 November 1971Gre (1970-1975) Greece2–0AthensEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
8929 April 1972Ger West Germany1–3LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
9013 May 1972Ger West Germany0–0BerlinEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
9123 May 1972Nir Northern Ireland0–1LondonHome ChampionshipLarry Lloyd
9227 May 1972Sco Scotland1–0GlasgowHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
9311 October 1972Yug Yugoslavia1–1LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
Mick Channon
9415 November 1972Wal Wales1–0CardiffWorld Cup qualifierAlan Ball
9521 January 1973Wal Wales1–1LondonWorld Cup qualifierAlan Ball
9614 February 1973Sco Scotland5–0GlasgowFriendlyAlan Ball
Mick Channon
9712 May 1973Nir Northern Ireland2–1LiverpoolHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
9815 May 1973Wal Wales3–0LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
9919 May 1973Sco Scotland1–0LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
10027 May 1973Cze Czechoslovakia1–1PragueFriendlyAlan Ball
Mick Channon
1016 June 1973Pol Poland0–2ChorzowWorld Cup qualifierAlan Ball
10210 June 1973Urs Soviet Union2–1MoscowFriendlyMick Channon
10314 June 1973Ita Italy0–2TurinFriendlyMick Channon
10426 September 1973Aut Austria7–0LondonFriendlyMick Channon
10517 October 1973Pol Poland1–1LondonWorld Cup qualifierMick Channon
10614 November 1973Ita Italy0–1LondonFriendlyMick Channon
1073 April 1974Por Portugal0–0LisbonFriendlyAlan Ball
Mick Channon
10811 May 1974Wal Wales2–0CardiffHome ChampionshipMick Channon
10915 May 1974Nir Northern Ireland1–0LondonHome ChampionshipMick Channon
11018 May 1974Sco Scotland0–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipMick Channon
11122 May 1974Arg Argentina2–2LondonFriendlyMick Channon
11229 May 1974Gdr East Germany1–1LeipzigFriendlyMick Channon
1131 June 1974Bul (1971-1990) Bulgaria1–0SofiaFriendlyMick Channon
1145 June 1974Yug Yugoslavia2–2BelgradeFriendlyMick Channon
11530 October 1974Cze Czechoslovakia3–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierMick Channon
Gerry Francis
11620 November 1974Por Portugal0–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierMick Channon
Terry Cooper
Gerry Francis
11712 March 1975Ger West Germany2–0LondonFriendlyAlan Ball
Mick Channon
11816 April 1975Cyp Cyprus5–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
Mick Channon
11911 May 1975Cyp Cyprus1–0LimassolEuro Champs qualifierAlan Ball
Mick Channon
12017 May 1975Nir Northern Ireland0–0BelfastHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
12121 May 1975Wal Wales2–2LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
Gerry Francis
12224 May 1975Sco Scotland5–1LondonHome ChampionshipAlan Ball
Mick Channon
Gerry Francis
1233 September 1975Sui Switzerland2–1BasleFriendlyMick Channon
Gerry Francis
12430 October 1975Cze Czechoslovakia1–2BratislavaEuro Champs qualifierMick Channon
Gerry Francis
12519 November 1975Por Portugal1–1LisbonEuro Champs qualifierMick Channon
Gerry Francis
12624 March 1976Wal Wales2–1WrexhamFriendlyMick Channon
1278 May 1976Wal Wales1–0CardiffHome ChampionshipGerry Francis
12811 May 1976Nir Northern Ireland4–0LondonHome ChampionshipMick Channon
Gerry Francis
12915 May 1976Sco Scotland1–2GlasgowHome ChampionshipMick Channon
Gerry Francis
13023 May 1976Bra (1968-1992) Brazil0–1Los AngelesUS BicentennialMick Channon
Gerry Francis
13128 May 1976Ita Italy3–2New YorkUS BicentennialMick Channon
13213 June 1976Fin Finland4–1HelsinkiWorld Cup qualifierMick Channon
Gerry Francis
13313 October 1976Fin Finland2–1LondonWorld Cup qualifierMick Channon
13417 November 1976Ita Italy0–2RomeWorld Cup qualifierMick Channon
13530 March 1977Lux Luxembourg5–0LondonWorld Cup qualifierMick Channon
13628 May 1977Nir Northern Ireland2–1BelfastHome ChampionshipMick Channon
13731 May 1977Wal Wales0–1LondonHome ChampionshipMick Channon
1384 June 1977Sco Scotland1–2LondonHome ChampionshipMick Channon
1398 June 1977Bra (1968-1992) Brazil0–0Rio de JaneiroFriendlyMick Channon
14012 June 1977Arg Argentina1–1Buenos AiresFriendlyMick Channon
14115 June 1977Uru Uruguay0–0MontevideoFriendlyMick Channon
1427 September 1977Sui Switzerland0–0LondonFriendlyMick Channon
14317 May 1980Wal Wales1–4WrexhamHome ChampionshipLarry Lloyd
14413 October 1982Ger West Germany1–2LondonFriendlyGary Mabbutt
14517 November 1982Gre Greece3–0ThessalonikiEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
14615 December 1982Lux Luxembourg9–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
14723 February 1983Wal Wales2–1LondonHome ChampionshipGary Mabbutt
14830 March 1983Gre Greece0–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
14927 April 1983Hun Hungary2–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
15028 May 1983Nir Northern Ireland0–0BelfastHome ChampionshipGary Mabbutt
1511 June 1983Sco Scotland2–0LondonHome ChampionshipGary Mabbutt
15212 October 1983Hun Hungary3–0BudapestEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
15312 November 1986Yug Yugoslavia2–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
1541 April 1987Nir Northern Ireland2–0BelfastEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
15529 April 1987Tur Turkey0–0IzmirEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
1569 September 1987Ger West Germany1–3DüsseldorfFriendlyGary Mabbutt
1573 June 1991Nzl New Zealand1–0AucklandFriendlyMark Walters
15816 October 1991Tur Turkey1–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
15913 November 1991Pol Poland1–1PoznanEuro Champs qualifierGary Mabbutt
16025 March 1992Cze Czechoslovakia2–2PragueFriendlyGary Mabbutt
16129 April 1992Cis C.I.S.2–2MoscowFriendlyKeith Curle
Nigel Martyn
16212 May 1992Hun Hungary1–0BudapestFriendlyKeith Curle
Nigel Martyn
16311 June 1992Den Denmark0–0MalmöEuro Champs finalsKeith Curle
16419 June 1993Ger Germany1–2DetroitUnited States CupNigel Martyn
1653 June 1995Jpn Japan2–1LondonUmbro Int. TrophyJohn Scales
1668 June 1995Swe Sweden3–3LeedsUmbro Int. TrophyJohn Scales
16711 June 1995Bra Brazil1–3LondonUmbro Int. TrophyJohn Scales
16824 May 1997Rsa South Africa2–1ManchesterFriendlyNigel Martyn
16915 November 1997Cmr Cameroon2–0LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
17011 February 1998Chi Chile0–2LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
17129 May 1998Bel Belgium0–0CasablancaKing Hussein II Trnmt.Nigel Martyn
17218 November 1998Cze Czech Republic2–0LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
17310 February 1999Fra France0–2LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
1744 September 1999Lux Luxembourg6–0LondonEuro Champs qualifierNigel Martyn
1758 September 1999Pol Poland0–0WarsawEuro Champs qualifierNigel Martyn
17610 October 1999Bel Belgium2–1SunderlandFriendlyNigel Martyn
17731 May 2000Ukr Ukraine2–0LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
17820 June 2000Rou Romania2–3CharleroiEuro Champs finalsNigel Martyn
17928 February 2001Esp Spain3–0BirminghamFriendlyNigel Martyn
18025 May 2001Mex Mexico4–0DerbyFriendlyNigel Martyn
18115 August 2001Ned The Netherlands0–2LondonFriendlyNigel Martyn
1826 October 2001Gre Greece2–2ManchesterWorld Cup qualifierNigel Martyn
18310 November 2001Swe Sweden1–1ManchesterFriendlyNigel Martyn
18413 February 2002Ned The Netherlands1–1AmsterdamFriendlyNigel Martyn
18527 March 2002Ita Italy1–2LeedsFriendlyNigel Martyn
18621 May 2002Kor South Korea1–1SoegwipoFriendlyNigel Martyn
18726 May 2002Cmr Cameroon2–2KobeFriendlyNigel Martyn
18811 August 2010Hun Hungary2–1LondonFriendlyBobby Zamora
18915 November 2011Swe Sweden1–0LondonFriendlyBobby Zamora
19014 August 2013Sco Scotland3–2LondonFriendlyRickie Lambert