Carlisle United
Stadium: Brunton Park
Carlisle United Competitive match results1
@Bristol Rovers:7642918
@Carlisle United:6382030
Neutral venues:00000
1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
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Rovers have faced Carlisle United on thirty-four occasions; thirty-two times in the league and twice in the FA Cup. Their first meeting came on 29 September 1962 at Eastville, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.


  • Last meeting: 15 January 2011 - Carlisle United 4–0 Bristol Rovers
  • Biggest win: 22 April 1987 - Bristol Rovers 4–0 Carlisle United
  • Biggest loss:
    • 2 April 1963 - Carlisle United 4–0 Bristol Rovers
    • 15 January 2011 - Carlisle United 4–0 Bristol Rovers
  • Highest aggregate score: 5 September 1964 - Bristol Rovers 5–2 Carlisle United

Players to represent both clubsEdit

A selection of players to have been on the books of Rovers and Carlisle is given below.

Both clubs have also been managed by John Ward.

Past meetingsEdit

A list of competitive meetings between Bristol Rovers and Carlisle United is given below.

29 September 1962Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–1Carlisle United
2 April 1963Division ThreeCarlisle United4–0Bristol Rovers
5 September 1964Division ThreeBristol Rovers5–2Carlisle United
2 January 1965Division ThreeCarlisle United1–2Bristol Rovers
20 September 1975Division TwoBristol Rovers0–1Carlisle United
10 April 1976Division TwoCarlisle United4–2Bristol Rovers
11 December 1976Division TwoBristol Rovers2–1Carlisle United
7 May 1977Division TwoCarlisle United2–3Bristol Rovers
19 December 1981Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–1Carlisle United
15 May 1982Division ThreeCarlisle United1–2Bristol Rovers
25 October 1986Division ThreeCarlisle United2–0Bristol Rovers
22 April 1987Division ThreeBristol Rovers4–0Carlisle United
12 August 1995Division TwoCarlisle United1–2Bristol Rovers
20 January 1996Division TwoBristol Rovers1–1Carlisle United
23 August 1997Division TwoBristol Rovers3–1Carlisle United
24 January 1998Division TwoCarlisle United3–1Bristol Rovers
6 October 2001Division ThreeCarlisle United1–0Bristol Rovers
12 March 2002Division ThreeBristol Rovers0–0Carlisle United
24 August 2002Division ThreeCarlisle United0–0Bristol Rovers
1 February 2003Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–2Carlisle United
23 August 2003Division ThreeCarlisle United0–2Bristol Rovers
24 January 2004Division ThreeBristol Rovers1–0Carlisle United
13 November 2004FA CupBristol Rovers1–1Carlisle United
23 November 2004FA CupCarlisle United1–0[a]Bristol Rovers
1 October 2005League TwoCarlisle United1–3Bristol Rovers
15 April 2006League TwoBristol Rovers1–1Carlisle United
22 September 2007League OneCarlisle United1–1Bristol Rovers
29 December 2007League OneBristol Rovers3–0Carlisle United
9 August 2008League OneBristol Rovers2–3Carlisle United
28 February 2009League OneCarlisle United1–1Bristol Rovers
14 November 2009League OneBristol Rovers3–2Carlisle United
2 April 2010League OneCarlisle United3–1Bristol Rovers
30 October 2010League OneBristol Rovers1–1Carlisle United
15 January 2011League OneCarlisle United4–0Bristol Rovers


  • [a] 0-0 after 90 minutes, 1-0 after extra time