Cardiff City
Stadium: Cardiff City Stadium
Cardiff City Competitive match results1
@Bristol Rovers:171236035
@Cardiff City:99144457
Neutral venues:00000
1Match results from the Football League, FA Cup, League Cup,
Football League Trophy and Full Members Cup.
Last updated 07:38, 27 August 2009 (UTC).

Cardiff City are a football team based in Wales who play in the English league system.

Cardiff have met Bristol Rovers 64 times in the Football League and national cup competitions, and according to a poll conducted in 2003 by the Football Fans Census, they are Rovers' second biggest rivals after Bristol City. This rivalry may now have been exceeded by Swindon Town however, due to the lack of recent meetings between Rovers and Cardiff.


  • Last meeting: 27 August 2009 - Cardiff City 3-1 Bristol Rovers
  • Biggest win:
    • 24 February 1934 - Cardiff City 1-5 Bristol Rovers
    • 21 November 1936 - Bristol Rovers 5-1 Cardiff City
  • Biggest defeat: 19 November 2000 - Cardiff City 5-1 Bristol Rovers
  • Highest aggregate score: 17 August 1976 - Bristol Rovers 4-4 Cardiff City

Players at both clubsEdit

Below is a list of some of the players who have been on the books of both Bristol Rovers and Cardiff City.

In addition to these players, former Rovers caretaker-manager Russell Osman ended his playing career with Cardiff City, and ex-Pirates manager Garry Thompson was also a Cardiff player. Bobby Gould has managed both sides, as well as playing for Rovers.

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