Squad numbers

The number 34 was not used in English league football until the introduction of squad numbers into the club game. This was initially done by the Premier League in 1993, followed by the Football League in 1999.

The first player to be allocated number 34 was Lewis Hogg in his first season as a professional footballer, but he didn't make any league appearances that year, leaving loanee Neil Ross to become the first man to wear it during a match.

Welshman Andy Dorman has worn the number 34 a total of 25 times, more than any other player, and Sergio Ommel's 8 goals during the 2001–02 season made the Dutchman the top scorer in the 34 shirt.

N.B. stats last updated at the end of the 2011–12 season.

Players who have worn shirt number 34
1999–2000Lewis HoggEng EnglandMid0 (0)0
2001Neil RossEng EnglandFwd2 (3)0
2001–2002Sergio OmmelNed The NetherlandsFwd18 (5)8
2002–2003Sonny ParkerEng EnglandDef13 (2)0
2004Aaron LescottEng EnglandDef8 (0)0
2004–2005Chris LinesEng EnglandMid0 (0)0
2007–2009James FraserEng EnglandFwd0 (0)0
2009–2010George BoothEng EnglandMid0 (0)0
2011Jean-Paul KalalaCod Democratic Republic of CongoMid10 (1)0
2011Scott RendellEng EnglandFwd4 (1)0
2011–2012Andy DormanWal WalesMid20 (5)2
Total75 (17)10
N.B. Nationality is defined as the country represented by a player at any level of international football, or their country of birth if they have never played internationally.

a League games (+substitute appearances) played and goals scored while wearing the number 34.

  • Number of league games played between the start of the 1999–00 season and the end of 2011–12: 598
  • Number of appearances by players wearing number 34: 92
  • Percentage of Rovers games featuring a number 34: 15.4%

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