The 1899–1900 season was Bristol Rovers' first in the newly-professional Southern League. Up to this point they had been playing in the Western League and Birmingham & District League, and had been moving towards professionalism over the preceding years.

League tableEdit

Southern League Division One
1 Tottenham Hotspur 28204467262.5844
2 Portsmouth 28201758272.0341
3 Southampton 281711070332.1235
4Reading 281521141281.4632
5Swindon Town 281521150421.1932
6Bedminster 281321344450.9828
7Millwall Athletic 281231336370.9727
8Queens Park Rangers 281221449570.8626
9Bristol City 28971243470.9425
10Bristol Rovers 281131446550.8425
11New Brompton 28961339490.8024
12Gravesend United 281041438580.6624
13Chatham Town 281031538580.6623
14Thames Ironworks 28851530450.6721
15Sheppey United 28371824660.3613
  • Brighton United and Cowes both started the season playing in this division, but both resigned from the league and had their records expunged.
  • Thames Ironworks kept their place in the division after beating Division Two side Fulham 5–1 in a promotion/relegation test match.
  • Sheppey United were relegated after losing a promotion/relegation test match 2–1 to Watford.
  • Bedminster merged into Bristol City at the end of the season.
  • Thames Ironworks were dissolved in June 1900, but were re-formed as West Ham United shortly afterwards, keeping their place in the league for the following season.

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