Squad numbers

The number 15 was not generally used the Football League until the number of substitutes permitted to be named in matches was increased from two to three in the mid-1990s. Even then it was only used when clubs didn't use the number 13 for superstitious reasons and it didn't become a regular fixture until the introduction of squad numbers by the Football League in 1999.

N.B. stats last updated on 23 April 2012.

Players who have worn shirt number 15
1999Marcus AndreassonSwe SwedenDef1 (0)0
2000–2002Vitālijs AstafjevsLva LatviaMid61 (15)8
2002–2004Simon BryantEng EnglandMid21 (13)1
2004–2005Dave SavageIrl Republic of IrelandMid21 (6)1
2006–2012Byron AnthonyWal WalesDef155 (8)7
Total259 (42)17
A Clash of Heads

Defender Byron Anthony wearing the number 15

N.B. Nationality is defined as the country represented by a player at any level of international football, or their country of birth if they have never played internationally.The only exception to this is Marcus Andreasson, who was born in Liberia, but who holds a Swedish passport

a League games (+substitute appearances) played and goals scored while wearing the number 15.

  • Number of league games played between the start of the 1999–00 season and 23 April 2012: 596
  • Number of appearances by players wearing number 15: 301
  • Percentage of Rovers games featuring a number 15: 50.5%

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